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October 2001
Cartifex Vision is Born

The vision of Cartifex is born on trans Pacific flight  from Manila to Los Angeles while  working with Ford Motors DCRC project. Observation of Phillippino's texting instead of making phone calls as the preferred method of communication set a vision of mobile communication. 

April 2012
Cloud Based Buy Here Pay Here Solution
Buy Here Pay Here

Development of BHPH application begins taking CRM logic to build relationships as well as collection features, dealer branded mobile applications and digital pay methods. 

May 2017
Lending Management Services Launched

Addressing the needs of dealers that would like to build revenue by providing Buy Here Pay Here options without having to build out a internal BHPH department, eliminating barriers of entry into this lucrative industry. 

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about cartifex
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Who we are

How can dealers leverage mobile apps, digital pay and Social CRM? Let our engineers map out a complete Lending Management solution for your dealership. Thought leaders in the industry spanning two decades. 

our philosophy

Each contact point inside your dealership is either a torch point or relationship building event.

strategy & mission

Simply put- turn $1,500 gross profits into $6,000 net profits or more. Let us show you how! Let us map processes that will grow your business and profits through proven best practices and technology.

we create Profitable Dealerships
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